Life Coaching

What holds you back from being that positive, productive, beautiful person you want to be? Perhaps whining, gossip, negativity, fear, not enough time to take care of yourself? 

Using the latest research on the adult brain and practices to restore your balance and sense of humor, especially when your buttons get pushed, Frank and Kimberlee Spillers offer Life Coaching techniques to help you be more effective, successful, healthy, and lively! Be introduced to the effective, easy-to-understand Emotional Freedom Technique commonly called tapping to reduce your stress and enhance the beautiful you on the inside and out!

Some common stressors to address could be:






*childhood issues


*where is my life going?


*balancing busy careers and families

*lack of compensation; low pay, long hours. Loving your job but not earning a “livable” wage 

*costs of healthcare

Across every environment, we hear about burnout, handling the day-to-day challenges of working and living with others. Work with Frank and Kim – together or separately – and find YOU!

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