Dr. Kerry Sauser ARNP, ND, PhD to Retire in September 2018

August 31 last day to see patients.


Change is in the air at Complementary Care--Dr. Kerry has announced a retirement date!
Your favorite practitioners will still be around, and you can get your supplements and healthy foods here, too. However there will be new directions to come.
Retirement Transition FAQ's

Dr. Kerry Sauser, ARNP, ND, PhD --a trailblazer in a nutritional approach to health AND for women-owned business--has announced her retirement.  She will be seeing her last patients on August 31, 2018 and will leave CCHW at the end of September.  Dr. Kerry founded her practice on finding and addressing the root cause of dis-ease. Through thousands of patients, extensive varieties of tests, in-depth historical knowledge of each patient and thousands of hours of continuing education around the United States, she has guided patients to improved health outcomes by focusing on the foods they consume and lifestyle changes that impact imbalances in their bodies. Her healthcare approaches emphasize diet, rest, exercise, stress relief, and supplements.

           When asked what prompted her decision, Dr. Kerry responded, “As I’ve celebrated my last couple of birthdays, I have re-evaluated my priorities. I realize I want more time with my husband and family, my garden and my quilting. It has been my only desire during these 50 years in healthcare to help as many people as possible. This will continue, but in a new way – perhaps sharing heartfelt artwork in quilting.  However, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks, so I'm not ruling out seeing a limited number of patients in the future--once I get used to the pace of retirement!"

           “Retiring has been a very difficult decision—I will miss my clients and colleagues - but I will love kicking back a bit and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle with my husband, Bob.”

Congratulations Dr. Kerry and...happy camping, quilting, gardening, hiking, reading......